Clint And Jennifer Adams

Clint and Jennifer Adams moved to San Francisco in August of 2018 from Alabama to take the role of Senior Leaders of Revive Church.  Clint was raised in a Pastors home for most of his life in the small town of Webb, Alabama.  His college career began with his interest in working in the dental or medical fields as he enrolled in a pre-med curriculum at Huntingdon College.  He transferred from Huntingdon College to finish his collegiate studies at Troy University where received his undergraduate studies in Science and Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  Jennifer attended Auburn University at Montgomery and received her undergraduate studies with a BS in Nursing.  Clint and Jen met in Montgomery where they were married.  Clint and Jennifer have three children Christian and wife Lorin, Sarah and Blake. 

Not long after their marriage Clint and Jen had a radical encounter with God during the season of the Toronto Blessing and sold out to serve in ministry.  In 1993, Clint joined the staff of New Freedom Church/ NFC Dothan where he served on staff and later as Senior Leader.  They were blessed to be apart of every major revival during that time including the Toronto Blessing, Brownsville Revival and the Bethel movement.  The small church where they served with Clint's parents experienced revival in the early 90's where thousands came to Jesus in their small town of only 500 as people came from all over the Southeast US.  In 1999, they met Bill Johnson and heard a message and a sound from heaven that would change their lives.  Bill came to the small town of Webb for nearly 10 years where many would be healed and transformed by the kingdom message he teaches.  Out of those meetings, the Kingdom Teach Equip and Activate was formed and taught by Jennifer which was a supernatural school of ministry.  They are members of Global Legacy and the Bethel Leaders Network and serve to see the kingdoms of this world manifested again by the Kingdoms of Heaven.  Their heart is to love people into an encounter with Jesus and see San Francisco transformed by revival.

“What I see right now is a challenge of the goodness of God in our lives. It takes faith in this day to believe that God is good; that He did do a finished work on the cross and that every Believer is significant to His Kingdom.”
— Clint Adams, Revive Church San Francisco