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9AM & 11AM


It all started when...

A group of believers set out to Worship in the Golden Gate Outpouring... God was moving in our city, and we wanted to
host God's presence and to encounter His power & love. 

We have followed the path of prophetic words to this moment.
Again, we seek to host God's presence for nightly meetings
to prepare for The Sound 2017 - a movement of God

We will release the sound of jubilee and believe for a new Jesus People who usher in the greatest harvest and invasion of the presence of God in America than ever before. Our cry is like Isaiah’s prayer, “Lord awake as in the days of old, as in the days of our fathers!”

In the summer of 2017 we are calling people to San Francisco, CA for a nation-wide Jesus Festival. 50 years from the very place of the counter-cultural revolution in 1967!

We will release the sound of worship and declare a new day for America. Jubilee, every 50 years, means the slaves are set free, all debt is canceled, and the land is healed.

We will host the presence of Jesus, preach the gospel of Jesus, and display the works of Jesus.

Following The Sound, we will be hosting nightly meetings to encounter God in a deeper way, and to cause a Revival that will never end.