Our Team

Revive is blessed to have a dedicated and passionate team of leaders on staff to serve the people of our church.  


Amy Jones

Amy has been leading worship at Revive since 2017. She has been involved in leadership and worship leading in a variety of churches, house churches and prayer movements for the last 6 years. She did 3 years at BSSM before feeling the call to move to San Francisco and be part of Revive SF. She has a heart to see a city transformed through worship. Her vision is to build up prophetic worshippers, songwriters and musicians who carry a unique sound all through community and family. 

Erick and Kenny Colomer copy.jpg

Erick and kenny colomer

As a native born and raised in San Francisco, Erick has spent the majority of his life volunteering in the community and serving others in ministry. Erick’s passion is for Missions, Outreach, and Evangelism with the primary focus on sharing the Father’s love. As an Entrepreneur, Erick toured for many years as a recording artist and is currently working on multiple projects. Erick lives in Daly City with his wife and two children.

Leo and Linda 2 copy.jpg

Leo and Linda Scott


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Armando and ingrid lopez

Eduardo and Diane Borja 1 copy.jpg

Eduardo and dianne Borja