OUR Vision

Transform People. Transform Communities. Transform Cities.


Worship. Community. Outreach.

We are a passionate community of believers with the desire to bring transformation through worship, community, and outreach.

Worship. as we assemble together with one sound.

Community. as we gather in small groups.

Outreach. as we show the love of God to those around us.


Unify. Connect. Transform.

Create a unified house of worship of His presence bringing the church into an encounter with His love, grace, truth and transforming nature.

Create community groups that connect and empower people to establish his Kingdom in the Bay Area.

Create outreach that transforms lives through grace encounters with the church.

Core Values

  1. God is Good

  2. There is nothing impossible with God

  3. We believe in the finished work of the cross

  4. Every believer is significant to the kingdom