Our focus as a church is on
Community and Connection.

Everyone can benefit from
Real, Personal, Relationships.

Try out one (or more)
of our Revive Groups
for the Fall Season.


Focus: "Killing Kryptonite" Book Series

Who is leading: Jovy & JC

Where: Jovy's House (Richmond District) San Francisco

When: Tuesday nights 7pm

Contact: JC 415-691-1503  Jovy 626-476-3661

Focus: "Culture of Empowerment" Book Series

Who is leading: June Park

Where: Parks house 289 29th Ave. San Francisco

When: Wednesday 6:45 - 8:30pm

Contact: June 415-225-1423

Focus: Building Community in your Neighborhood! 
(something different every month)

Who is leading: Markus and Jen

Where: 90 Alta St. (North Beach) San Francisco 

When: 3RD Thursday of the month 7pm to 9pm (starts October 19th)

Contact: jen.haeusser1977@gmail.com

Focus: Book of John (East Bay)

Who is leading: Rich & Jasmine, Eduardo & Diane

Where: 1301 Dover Ave, San Pablo, CA 94806 
(Rich & Jasmine's house)

When: 7pm on Fridays

Contact: Eduardo 510-229-7871

Focus: "Supernatural Ways of Royalty" Teaching Series

Who is leading: Armando & Ingrid

Where: 115 Belcrest Ave, Daly City, 94015

When: 7pm every Friday, 10/27 start

Contact: Armando 650-219-5229