The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth Series

Revive has been given a unique sound from Heaven to bring His kingdom to San Francisco.  Join us as we explore how sound has influenced the earth from creation till now.

the symphony of heaven.jpg

August 19- The Symphony of Heaven

In this sermon Pastor Clint explores the nature of sound and its creative power.  Revelations 4:1 calls us up into the open heaven to hear what the Lord says is to take place.  We are called to resound heaven to the city of San Francisco and make the streets of our city the streets of our God.

sound of salvation.jpeg

August 26- The sound of Salvation

In this sermon Pastor Clint teaches that the gospel has a sound that draws people to Jesus.  Zechariah could not believe that his wife could conceive and was made silent.  The sound of the gospel has a power to bring salvation to mankind for those who believe.

sound of deliverance.jpeg

September 2- The Sound of Deliverance

Are there still demons today?  Can people be influenced by demonic forces?  Pastor Clint teaches how the power and authority of the word and the name of Jesus give us all authority over the dark realm of Satan.  We as believers can operate in confidence and power when ministering to people who are bound.