Sunday Morning Celebration

9:30am Every Sunday

Whether you are have been in church all of your life or attending for the first time you may have questions about the what our service looks like.  We are located on 21st Ave. off of Geary.  We do not have a parking lot but there is plenty of parking in the area including the parking deck at Ross. We try to maintain a consistent, time friendly (90 minute) service filled with passionate worship, relevant message and prayer.   Afterwards we gather for a time of brunch and fellowship.  Below is a few things you can expect to see at Revive San Francisco.


Passionate Worship

We are a passionate church that loves to worship at Revive SF. Our spirit filled worship will last anywhere from 30-45 minutes during our Sunday morning celebration. Most will stand and sing while others find it more comfortable to worship from their seats. While some worship by clapping, lifting hands and dancing, we also encourage our artistic community to draw and paint on their art pads or canvas at this time.


Relevant Word

Most of the time Pastor Clint will share from a Sermon Series for 2-4 weeks of teachings on a relevant subject for approximately 30 minutes. Sometimes guest or other ministers in our house will participate in the teaching. You can always check our events and Thrive page to see who is speaking or the current series.



Following the service our prayer team serves anyone who would like the opportunity for prayer. Prayer is vital to the faith of the believer and we want to partner with you in any situation or need that you have. We believe that God still heals so if you are sick or have an ailment in your body be sure to let one of our team members know.